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10 things I never knew a car could become…until I had children

I’m pretty sure this is EXACTLY what my car looks like every single day.

Hellooooooooo I’m back! Missed you more xo

I’ve made a discovery these last few weeks about my car.

Since moving Master Sporty from a school that took us 10 minutes to walk to, to a school that now takes me 25 minutes to drive to (don’t start me on how that is in any way, shape or form logical), I’ve come to realise that my car has now become more than just a way to get from A to B or a place to canoodle in (pre-children of course!).

In fact my beloved, if slightly dented car, is  fast becoming an integral part of our family life.

  1. It’s become Miss Princess’s personal shoe closest. She no longer leaves the house wearing shoes, because they’re all in the car. Her joggers, dress shoes, casual shoes, crocs and thongs. They’re all sitting right below her seat. At least I never get to our destination and have that “where are your shoes?” conversation.
  2. It’s also become her personal toy chest. Saving me loads of room in the house.
  3. Our car is now homework central for Master Sporty. Because Master Sporty spends a lot of time in the car to and from school, to and from tennis, to and from Jiu Jitsu, to and from soccer training and games…it’s become the easiest place to get the most amount of homework done. I’ve even bought him a lap desk and a seat organiser for his pencils etc. He gets way more done in the car than at home…fewer distractions.
  4.  An activity closet. I swear there is more stuff in the boot of my car than in my entire house. ENTIRE HOUSE. My boot holds a tennis racket, pop-up sunshelter, three winter jackets, four hats, three umbrella’s, two pairs of gumboots, two wind-cheaters, enviro-friendly shopping bags, plastic bags (because I’m not always enviro-friendly), a first-aid kit, fluro vest, soccer balls, stroller, tubes and tubes of sunscreen, two polar fleece blankets, two camping chairs, two picnic rugs….it’s starting to sound like Noah’s ark….the animals marched in two by two.
  5. A beauty station. I stop short of doing my make-up and hair in the car, my straightener doesn’t have a car adaptor, but it’s the little things that you don’t get time to do at home that I do at the traffic lights. Moisturise my hands, clip my nails (yes I know that’s like totally gross dude), clean my fingernails (again gross), apply lip balm, apply lip gloss, file nails.
  6. A place to learn. On the way to school we play red light times tables. Every time we come to a red-light we recite one of the times tables, we’re working on 3’s and 4[‘s at the moment…I’m struggling a little. We recite our ABC’s, we learnt the months of the year and how to tell the time.
  7. A place to download. Every afternoon Master Sporty tells me all about his day on our drive back from school. This is when I hear about all the good, bad and ugly stuff that went down that day. Sometimes I need to pull over!
  8. A karaoke bar. Some people like to sing in the shower, others in the kitchen, our family likes to sing in the car…and not one of us will ever appear on The Voice. Commiseration’s to anyone that’s ever pulled up beside us in full flight.
  9. A lecture theatre. Do you ever find that when giving out a lecture to your wayward child they disappear or get easily distracted. Then I have some awesome news for you! Save your lecture for your next car trip. They are literally a captive audience, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! <insert cackle>. With the added bonus that you can make that lecture go on for seemingly EVER.
  10. The ultimate dutch oven. Yes you read that right! I swear Master Sporty and Miss Princess save all their stinky gas deposits for when I close that car door. And it causes a LOT of giggling on their part. I need to invest in an awesome air freshener. Any suggestions?

Is your car more than just a car?

Oopsiemumma xo

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  1. LOL… my two would fit RIGHT in there. On most points. Except homework!!! ;-)

  2. I can totally relate to this. My eldest son spends up to an hour in the car everyday, its our home away from home!


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